The beauty industry is fluid and evolving faster than ever before. However, our basic principles remain:

The Principle Brands promises:

Products that work: Efficacy and accessible luxury? Where have you been all of our lives! No more compromising on the healthy cream in the utilitarian package—expect splendid formulas, swish packaging and great results.

Products that are safe and effective: Our brands offer that until-now-impossible-to-find blend of good for you and just plain good. It’s not about natural versus clinical, rather it’s about using the best quality ingredients for the most effective benefits. (Because beauty can make you feel great, inside and out!)

Products that excite: A little bit of magic can be the difference between success and obscurity in this business. Our relationships with beauty can be emotional or nostalgic and these connections, paired with our belief in a product, are what make them a part of our daily routines and lives.